The foot is a complex and flexible structure of bones, joints, muscles and soft tissues that allow us to stand upright and perform a variety of activities. An injury to a foot can be painful and cause problems to everyday activities. Learn more about how to care for and keep your feet healthy.

The Hazards of High Heels

You may love your fashionable high heels - but your feet don't. In fact, wearing those towering heels day after day can lead to sprains, falls, backaches and more. Learn how to stay in step with fashion and keep your feet comfortable by viewing our infographic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Premier Health doctors answer your frequently asked questions about podiatry.

Summer Shoes

Light sandals and flip flops give feet the freedom they crave after months of being covered up from the cold, but many summer shoes could be causing more harm than good. Learn more about what should be in your summer shoe wardrobe by viewing our infographic