Ear, Nose, and Throat

Join Premier Health providers as they answer common questions about ear, nose, and throat topics. You'll also find videos and other resources with tips to help you and your family live well and be well.

Adult Ear Pain

Ear pain can manifest itself in different ways and, in some cases, deceive the person who is experiencing it. That's why adult ear pain should never be ignored. Learn more about adult ear pain and what to do if you experience it by viewing our infographic.

Adults Get Ear Infections, Too!

Your kids aren't the only ones who get ear infections. Learn the reasons why adults get them, their symptoms, and how they are treated.

Ear, Nose, and Throat Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about issues with the ears, nose, or throat? Get answers to commonly asked questions about ear, nose, and throat topics that affect your family.

Our Bodies: Magnificent Mucus-Making Machines

Your body makes at least 1 liter of mucus every single day. It makes more when you encounter an allergen, and the mucus can help fight infections. Check it out.


Sinusitis most often begins when a person develops a cold, upper respiratory illness or suffers from allergies. Learn more about sinusitis and how to prevent it from happening by viewing our infographic.

Trouble Breathing Could Signal a Deviated Septum

A deviated septum is one reason you may have trouble breathing. Learn about deviated septum, the symptoms, and treatment.

Voice Loss

Our voice is one of our most prized possessions, serving as a tool to communicate and help us function throughout the day. Learn more about losing your voice and the steps you can take to ensure proper healing by viewing our infographic.