Frequently Asked Questions

Requirements for Applying to GPR

  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Graduate of an Accredited Dental School
  • Passed National Boards
  • Fluent in reading, writing and speaking English
  • Eligible to be licensed in Ohio – Permanent or Limited Resident License
  • Must have mailing address within the US or Canada

Is the program accredited?


How many resident positions are available?

Up to 8 positions

Are Attendings (Faculty) specialists or general dentists?

Both. Our general dentists are scheduled daily to work with the residents in the Dental Center.  Our specialists have scheduled times that they are in the Center and can be called in if necessary for patient care.

What are the rotations?

Please see the Clinical Training & Rotations section for more information.

What specialties cover the residents?

The specialties that routinely cover the Dental Residents are Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Endondontics and Pedodontics.  We also have  General Dentists who work with the residents on Prosthodontics, Sleep Apnea and TMD.

What is the patient mix?

  • Ages– newborn to 90’s
  • Payer Mix – 40% Medicaid; 40% Self-Pay; 20% Commercial Insurance
  • 50/50 Male and Female

What percentage of the patients are medically compromised?

Approximately 50% of our patients have some medical condition or drug regimen which must be considered prior to treatment.

What is the opportunity for oral surgery?

Many of the patients presenting to the Dental Center have oral surgery needs which are addressed by the GP Resident.  There is not an oral surgery program in the Dayton area.  Miami Valley Hospital is a Level One Trauma Center and the residents work with the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons on the surgeon’s cases.

What is the Support Staff availability in the Dental Center?

The Dental Staff includes Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Front Desk Personnel and an Office Manager.  Residents are scheduled to have an Assistant available with them when they are seeing patients

Is a second year of training available?

The GPR is approved as a one year residency program.  There are other Programs in Ohio and around the country that are approved as 2 Year GPR’s.

What are the call responsibilities?

Residents take call from home.  The residents share call as equally as possible throughout the resident year.  Since the residents are taking call from home, they must live close enough to the hospital so that they can be at the hospital within 30-45 minutes if called.  Call is 24x7.

What is typically treated in the Emergency Room?

Patients treated in the ED would include trauma patients including children with trauma to their teeth as well as patients with urgent dental conditions which the EM physician feels that the patient needs to be treated.  You may at times be called to provide better evaluation of the patient by the EM physician seeing the patient.

Is there hospital housing?

No, there isn’t.  But there are many affordable apartments within a short distance from the hospital which serve our resident needs.  If you come for an interview, ask the residents where they live and what they found when they moved to the area.  They will be a great resource for you.

What is the evaluation process for residents?

Residents interact with the Attendings on a daily basis and receive feedback from them regularly.  Residents will be evaluated by the Attending Staff on each of the off-service rotations. During the resident year, there will be at least three (3) structured evaluation/feedback sessions with the resident’s mentor as well as the Program Director.  These evaluations include the review of the resident log of procedures done, progress towards residency goals and professionalism.  Resident feedback is always  appreciated.

Does the GPR provide sedation experience?  Nitrous?  IV Sedation?

The program offers a selective for the residents in Conscious Sedation.(See Residency Program Description).  Residents do not have to take this selective to satisfactorily complete the Residency Program. Additional lectures, clinical experiences and passing of all testing is required before IV Certification is awarded.  Not all residents will take and some may not pass the selective.

Describe the commitment of the hospital to the dental department.

As noted in the Program Description, a dental training program has been a part of MVH since the early 1920’s.  We have grown from one intern (title prior to the mid 1970’s) to eight (8) residents today. MVH supports dentistry at the main campus and also a Dental Sealant Program that is school based and treats students in the Dayton and  Springfield area.

Salary?  Vacation?  Benefits?

Yes! Yes! Yes!  Please see the Benefits Summary for current salary and benefits.